Friday, 7 April 2017

Our Global Village Poster

Room 25 celebrated Race Relations Day on March 21. We started our Global Village poster then. This is the end product of our poster. Every student shared their culture by drawing themselves and a friend. We are proud of our Global Village poster. 

Our first video to be shared with our sister school, Siyanqi Primary School, Ningbo, China.

Seraphiel's Debugging

This is my coding. I was coding on Scratch. I was trying to create this game and I didn't put a 'forever' command. So the program didn't work. Then I tried to put a 'forever' command and then when I clicked the green flag, my program started working. 

I learned whenever I need to put a green flag command , I also need to add the forever command.

By Seraphiel

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Monday, 3 April 2017

Coding by Jifei

My Mickey coding.

I learnt Coding from Khan academy. It is a fun and educational place to learn code. You can experience real life videos and clips. In Khan academy, we learn  how to use Documentations because it is rather impossible to know all the commands so the documentations are like dictionaries. We also learn how to make animations, for example how to make a picture of a car move. Khan Academy also lets you learn from other programs. I did the program above on Khan Academy. I used circles, curves, images, text and rectangles.
Thank you

By : Jifei Shao


Room 25 did coding today. We worked on our puzzles. 

Trip to Tsi Ming Temple (Y5)

Today was Y5's turn to go for our trip to Tsi Ming Temple. We learned about the different way of life of other Kiwis. 

There were so many similarities to our CPDS disposition of being reflective, agile and self manager. We were curious about the structure inside the temple. The speaker was very patient and answered all our question. 

One key message we got from our trip is that if we need to always reflect on our actions and strive to do better than before. 

Feedback form Year 5's: 

Maddison: It was really fun and I liked it because I learned new things. It teaches me to be a good person. That did remind me of a story I read in the newspaper about a girl who had cancer and these 2 men shaved their head to help her fundraise for her treatment. 

Carter: I learned the different ways to sit. I could see the different cultures and beliefs. 

Victoria: I could find the similarities : The crackers tasted like Kiwi rice crackers. They spoke a lot about compassion and when they were showing it to us, they were not strict if we got it wrong. 

Maia : To show your good values and be kind to others and treat them how you would like to be treated. We should balance thinking about ourselves and others. 

Joe: We learned a lot of things that we do not learn everyday and saw lots of things that we didn't see everyday.

Lara: They have lots of statues that represented lots of different stories and characters. 

Seraphiel: The story told us that even though we know what is right, we sometimes are selfish . 

Mrs Singh: I found the story of the wise man and the intellectual very interesting. The summary of that story was we must always reflect on our actions. Our thoughts become our actions. If we want to do good, we need to think good thoughts as our thoughts will turn into our actions. 

We are so lucky that we have so many cultures living in peace in New Zealand. Experiencing different cultures enrich our lives and make us understand that in the end we are human and one big family on Earth.