Monday, 25 September 2017

Santang Street

Ni Hao Room 25. 

Last night Mrs Singh visited Santang Street. Traditionally it was famous for its canals. Now there are many small stalls selling touristy stuff. 

What caught her interest was this 3 wheeled vehicle. I approached the driver and he explained that it was a taxi for the elderly so that the aged could also enjoy life.

Mrs Singh got a chance to sit behind the wheel. Look at the wheel. It has bicycle handles. It is powered by electricity. Do you think we could introduce this vehicle in NZ? Why or Why not?


  1. Hi Mrs Singh
    That looks like you are having lots of fun.
    I think we should introduce this vehicle because it runs on electricity so it will not produce as much pollution. It will also let the eldery to enjoy life

    Bye for Now,

  2. the left side, thats very different to what we have here, I hope your enjoying your time here,
    see ya later,

  3. oops i commented on the wrong one, bye anyway!

  4. Maybe, because it is small and easy to ride

  5. Hi Mrs Singh
    I think this vehicle should be introduced to NZ because it runs on electricity so it doesn't pollute the environment.

  6. Hi Mrs Singh,
    I think that it would be good to introduce it because it would be good for elder people and also it does not pollute the air.

  7. Ni hao Mrs Singh,
    It should be introduced in New Zealand because it would hardly be polluting because it is an electric car.

    By Nandan.V

  8. Wow, the streets in china look awesome

  9. and also yes i think it should be introduced into NZ because it runs on electricity which means it will not pollute the enviroment

  10. Hi Mrs Singh
    I think it is a great idea,
    we already have electric cars in NZ.
    But it is great because it does not pollute the country.
    From Lara

  11. Wow Mrs Singh,
    The street is so beautiful and it looks like your having fun.
    by Gracie and Maia

  12. i think its good that it does not pollute cause it could change earth life as we know it